Out of control

Resident expresses concerns about the level of spending by government

Well, here we are doing a study on a new art gallery and museum. I believe this project is in the $17 million range.

We just approved an outdoor track facility that I believe is going to have around a $7 million price tag.

We just built a $13 million library, and we are and will be for some time, paying for the performing arts centre and the multiplex. These are all wonderful facilities for the small few who benefit, but the reality is, most Vernonites will not use them at all or very little at best.

Our taxes, as so many other fees and bills that are generated by different levels of the bureaucratic nightmare we have allowed to be created, are out of control.

Look at the latest payroll stats from B.C. Hydro.

We have a $5.5 million payroll at the Regional District of North Okanagan.

What the hell goes on there to justify those costs?

We only see fees, taxes, etc. go up. They never go down.

There is never a rollback in wages, only factored in increases that we have little or no control over.

You can’t even get in the Hydro building anymore. What are they afraid of?

Eventually, we will run out of money out here and when interest rates begin to rise (which they will), these projects that seem to go ahead no matter what the cost or benefit, will require funding we can’t afford with revenue we should be spending on the essentials.

I know it is near impossible to reverse any of this bureaucratic nightmare once we allow it in place, but if we don’t start taking care of things now, we are all headed for a debt-ridden future we also won’t be able to reverse.


Bruce Davies