Outback marina

Resident endorses plans for a marina on Okanagan Lake

My husband and I have had a second home at Outback Vernon for more than five years.

We did not purchase there with a view to having a location to berth a boat, and in fact would not likely be using a marina facility if such were made available at Outback.

However, as we have long-term ties to  Vernon, and now the Outback community, we have definite opinions about the value of having a marina at the Outback location.

1) We understand the impossibility of having a marina in the original site on Quarry Bay.

2) The verbal opposition that we have heard in the community about having a marina in South Bay centres on the factors of noise, pollution, danger and aesthetics.

3) In the absence of a marina in South Bay,  there is a massive field of buoys, where, if boats are in fact liable to produce the above mentioned noise, pollution and danger, they are doing so in a much less controlled fashion than would be the case in a proper marina.

Below, I highlight my thoughts on each of these factors:

If a boat is leaking oil in a marina setting, the source would be fairly obvious and could be dealt with more promptly even in the absence of the boat owner. With buoys, it is much more difficult to discern the source of a leak before it has become an environmental problem.

The amount of noise from owners’ boats would be the same as is the case now on the buoy system, and might in fact be decreased as there would no longer be a need for the motorized shuttle service taking people to and from their boats.

If there is in fact, any danger from motor boats with swimmers, kayakers, etc, it is likely to be lessened in a controlled marina environment as opposed to a scattered and less controlled buoy system.

If there is an aesthetic appeal to the current field of buoys, it is completely lost on me. I would imagine that even the most staunch opponents of the marina would wonder what they had accomplished when they look out upon the massive area now occupied by boats and floats. A tidy, concentrated marina would have much more eye appeal.

Although we do not intend to personally make use of a marina facility at the Outback, we have paid close attention to the plans presented by the marina committee.

We support the marina design and its implementation as being the best possible solution to the needs and wellbeing of both the Outback and the surrounding community.

Lyn Tretiak