Overdose crisis

The current overdose/fentanyl crisis is a horrible reminder of what happens when governments ignore research.

A lot of Canadian data and information from other countries predicted B.C. was headed for this crisis.

We also know that preventing illness is always better for people and cheaper for taxpayers. But instead of listening to the science, Ms. Clark’s government consistently under-funds services for the mentally ill, and then the health authorities redirect money for other purposes (eg. 2016 IHA financial statements show some of these funds were used to make up for corporate overspending).

So it shouldn’t be a surprise when bad health care policy leads to more than 1,000 preventable deaths and a much more expensive health care system. What is a surprise is that somehow the Liberal government doesn’t understand its part in creating the conditions that resulted in so many deaths.

Policy based on political bias rather than good research makes health care unsafe for all of us.

B. Cousins