Resident challenges the decisions of government on spending

Does anyone wonder if the “entitled” that create “Fudge-it” Budgets ever reach the point where they would actually get fired for their derelict attitudes towards the sheep that are called taxpayers?

When does the revolt start?

They seem to feel impervious to such penalties as one disaster is worse than the previous and no one stands up to their wanton disregard to the boundaries of the budgets that are set for them.

To prove they haven’t the faintest idea, digest their latest “manifesto” about the arena extension: “We need to tell people that if there are overruns, how they will be addressed instead of saying there will be no overages!”

Pretty much guarantees there will be overruns.

So what did the few elitists (about five per cent of the population) vote for?

Is it my imagination that if they start the mea culpas with a one followed by four or five zeros, this is bad, but take away the zeros and add a capital “M” seems to be more than okay.

If there is no guarantee the budget can’t be met, then no arena extension. Care to guess if that is part of the equation?

Bob Johnston