Owl followup

Resident provides her thoughts on a recent incident with owls

Thank you D. Chambers for your response to my letter.

As of only mid July, has something been done on that tall pipe with the view box behind Kal Tire Place.

I had been calling the regional district and city hall twice a week but no one wanted to take responsibility,

I was told  month ago that the city would finally do something. Apparently they could not fill in the floor in that view box, as it was too dangerous even with a cherry picker. If it was that dangerous, the whole contraption should be taken down. Eventually the city told me that a hole sufficient in size for such a big bird would be made in the bottom of the pipe. I was told it was done, but upon inspection by me, it was not. I called again and was told perhaps the boys put the hole in a different pipe (tower). Well, there is no other pipe or tower there. The girl at city hall was sympathetic to the whole situation.  During my last call, I was told the hole was made.

To my exhausted delight, yes there was a hole in the door.

Oh boys, you finally hit the right pipe. I’m so proud of you.

Let us hope this never happens in our city again.

Shame on those in our community who should have been more responsible.

Anna Williams