Parent grateful

Vernon given kudos for work on 20th Street

We would like to thank the City of Vernon for taking the time to listen to our needs and concerns about 20th Street.  I think the job that has been done is outstanding.  I think the safety of our children comes first.

This is a school zone area and the traffic needs to be slowed down.

People who do park the cars along the streets are causing blind spots for our children to be seen.

The narrow road and no parking on the street has helped 100 per cent.

If you live on 20th Street, near Harwood, you should expect improvements. This is a family-oriented community.  The school has been here longer than some of the homes and these improvements should have been made years ago. Just like a previous critic, I would like to break this project into pros and cons:


• The narrow roadway slows the traffic down so drivers can be aware of children crossing.

• The new cross walk lights help children cross the road with confidence and parents minds are at ease.

• The landscaping is beautiful.  House values have just gone up

• The city has just created jobs for young families by keeping the streets clean, the landscaping and snow removal.

• Promoting healthier children and families by walking and biking instead of having two or three cars parked in the driveways.


• There are no benches or tables for families and friends to sit down and have ice cream or a drink.

• We are the envy of Vernon

• Reading negative letters to the editor

I am a parent and live on Pleasant Valley Road and I can’t wait for the day when my street is done and hope the city makes it look just like 20th Street.  As a taxpayer, I think it’s wonderful that our money is finally going to a good cause.  Not only is it safer for our children to walk and bike to school, it’s also creating jobs for young people today.

Jamie Irwin, Vernon