Parking fees frustrate newcomer

Resident pans the City of Vernon for parking meter fees downtown

I read Lily Kerr’s letter with interest. As a newcomer to Vernon, I find parking in downtown extremely challenging, and unless I absolutely have to go (as I did for to movie theatre on  a Monday night), I avoid downtown.

My experience so far has been that on-street parking is limited and quite expensive. There is no inducement to browse the shops along 30th Avenue, and the one day I paid at a meter to go the bank to change my accounts over, I was delayed, and a ticket was in process as I got out. I had put 1.5 hours in the meter which is all of the change I had with me. I’m a retired boomer, tend not to carry much cash, and the few times I’ve thought about stopping, I’ve realized that I can’t feed a meter. Are there public lots available?

I haven’t seen them. It’s just so much easier to go where parking is readily available and free. So I will have to sympathize with the business owners in downtown. You just won’t be getting my business while parking fees and fines are prohibitive.


Mabel Thibault