Parking problems persist

Members of Vernon BMX Club have concerns about parking on 20th Street

I read with some sense of concern the article on “Reduced parking frustrates residents.” It not only frustrates the residents, but what about the user groups that also were impacted with the beautification project on 20th Street?

The Vernon BMX Club is located on 47th Avenue, in a city-owned park, in the middle of the completed project and we have been severely impacted from the project.

On a race night, we have about 100 racers arriving from Penticton to Kamloops.

We used to utilize the street parking along 20th Street on race and practice evenings.

With that parking gone, we are left with eight parking stalls in front of the park.

Currently, we share parking with the Scout hut across the street and they are most accommodating to our group.

However, on some nights, unfortunately, we overlap and they have their monthly meeting on the same night we are racing and their lot is full with their users.

We apologize to the residents all of the time on 47th Avenue for our members parking on every last section of roadway without impeding the flow of traffic. But it gets really crazy for parking on a race night.

Our other option is the city allows our users to use the lot on the corner the city has for chipping that Coun. Mary-Jo O’Keefe referred to in the article as a viable solution for the residents to use as overflow.

Well, if anyone has been past that lot in the last few weeks, it is full of brush awaiting chipping. We are waiting for chipping season to complete.

If we open that lot up to the residents, we will lose our Monday/Tuesday night parking, minimal as it is, once the lot gets cleared out.

So our club is in full agreement with the residents that we are completely dissatisfied with the changes made along 20th Street, and in particular, the reduction of parking for all residents and user groups

Something needs to be done to satisfy all parties involved.

Jennifer Bitz,

Vernon BMX