Resident explains parking habits related to mobility issues

“Where Did You Learn To Park; As Forest Gump said, ‘’You just can’t fix stupid.'”

In response to the concerned citizen who left this note on my silver Ford van with side-loading wheelchair lift, hand controls on the steering wheel, no driving seat and handicapped placard in the front window, parked diagonally in the Village Green Centre parking lot (not in a handicapped space).

To answer your question.

I learned to park right here in the Village Green Centre parking lot. Realizing very early on that it was to my disadvantage to be courteous, whenever I did, I ended up with a vehicle nestled right up beside my access doors, leaving me to wait for this person to return.

No, you cannot fix stupid, but we can try to educate ignorant. It takes letters, not just notes under a windshield wiper.

Therefore, if you wish to comment on any of my other abilities or accessibility challenges that you may have, please contact me directly and we can both work together to educate the uneducated.

Serle  Schoenberger, Accessibility Advisory Committee, City of Vernon