Pay hikes

Resident frustrated with the remuneration level for Vernon politicians

I am getting tired of this council voting themselves increases — those of you that think paying yourselves more money will encourage younger people to run.

Yes it will, but they will be looking at this as a job because of the money involved. They will not have the experience required to run a city — budgeting, spending properly and logic.

It is also going to make the council jobs open to lobbying and specialty groups to run candidates as they will now be making good money and pushing for their favourite charities and not what is good for the city.

The council should get paid a nominal wage.

This is to keep the council honest and sincere.  If they are putting in too much time, then cut down the number or frequency of the meetings, or both.

People should run and look at the job as councillor as way to ensure that our children will have a good place to grow up and live in and not as a job that they are getting paid for.

If the councillors that we now have want to get more money, then now is the time to send them packing and the same goes for all of the new ones running.

It should be brought up at every meeting and interview their position on payment. If they want lots, then we just do not vote them in.


Garry Haas