Pedestrian safety

Vernon pedestrians stepping out into danger by jaywalking

Between the main bus depot and the downtown Safeway there are large “X” marks on the road. These marks signify to motorists that there is a crosswalk ahead. They are not crosswalks themselves.

Every day I see people use these marks as  crosswalks, putting themselves and motorists in danger. While I assume some of these people are knowingly jay walking (as jay walking appears to be a favorite sport of Vernon) many believe they are crossing where they are supposed to.

Crossing at the “X” marks is particularly dangerous as one nears the roundabout, as motorists may be shoulder checking their blind spot and not see someone crossing. That is always the danger with jay walking: drivers are not prepared for pedestrians in the road other than at marked crosswalks.

I have contacted the city about this issue and was told that the city recognizes the concern and will not be repainting the “X” marks. They will also not be removing them. I imagine the issue will only warrant the cost of removing the paint when someone is struck and killed. I hope a little public education can prevent this from happening.


Jen Gordon, Vernon