Pellet plant

Residents opposed to a pellet plant in the Lavington area

It is hard to believe that a beautiful community like Coldstream would jeopardize the quality of life of its citizens for a marginal increase in the tax base.

No matter how it’s positioned, those located reasonably near the proposed plant will be subject to increased traffic both road and rail (and the accompanying dust and horns), and increased air pollution.

For possibly 20 new jobs, this creation should not be at the expense of thousands.

And being located only hundreds of feet from the school, one would have to believe a more suitable location must be out there.

With regards to air pollution, it is easy to throw around terms like cutting-edge technology and industry-leading, but when it comes right down to it, the real litmus test would be to know if any of the executives want this plant in their backyard.

The time is now to stop putting profit before people.


Epp Family