Pension plan

Re: Mayes Defends Stance, Feb. 27 Morning Star

It was my understanding that the OAS was a noncontributing pension plan with eligibility for the recipient of benefits based on age (65), citizenship, or legal residency, and having lived in Canada for at least 10 years since one’s 18th birthday.

A quick search of the government website, Old Age Security Program, produced the following, and I quote: “The amount of your basic OAS pension is based on how long you have lived in Canada. It is not necessary to have worked in Canada to qualify for the OAS pension.”

Contrarily, Mr, Mayes states in his letter and I quote:

“The calculation for this eligible benefit is based on contributions and employment duration once the residency requirement is met.”

Mr. Mayes further states, and I quote:

“This employment is considered in the pension calculation from the time of the person’s landing, not from the time they receive permanent resident status.”

The government website information refers only to one being a “legal resident” to establish eligibility, and makes no mention of “landing.”

It would seem that either Mr. Mayes is misinformed about the OAS, a fundamental pension plan in Canada, or the government website is out of date, although it apparently was last updated 2010-11-17.

I am inclined to believe the former rather than the latter.

M.E. Tinck