Perception is not always reality

Letter writer addresses misconception about young people

I’m writing in regards to the shed fire at my house last month.

There is a lot of supposition that we are drug dealers or we’re making it. I just want to state that is totally wrong. I work full time, my wife is a new amputee, we have three kids and we have taken in about 12 kids off the streets.

The kids use the shed as a hangout. If they are drinking, we get the keys and they crash in the shed.

Most of them are too old for Teen Junction and cannot afford to go to the bar. It’s cheaper pooling money and getting a case of beer. We check identification.

Basically, these kids are all good kids. They help out when needed. People have to look past what they think they are doing to what they are doing.

At least in the shed, they are not hanging out on the street or on the school playgrounds. Or would you like them wandering the streets?

We encourage you to come and meet us and meet them. That way you can get your own impression of them.

Brian Jacobson