Perception problems

Our member of Parliament, Colin Mayes, writes that the problems of our federal government are merely problems of perception.

In so doing, he is simply toeing the line of his autocratic prime minister, who tries to brush off legitimate concerns by defending ministers who mislead Parliament, while accusing their critics of lying, by apparently covering up the in-and-out scandal, by withholding information essential to parliamentary process, and by resorting to unethical attack ads simply because they work.

In short, Mr. Mayes is telling us we’re stupid, and his contempt for the electorate would seem to match that of his superiors.

The present government, which the PMO tries to tell us is no longer “the Government of Canada,” but “the Harper Government,” has systematically undermined the very institutions which guarantee our hard-won (over centuries) freedoms.

Its contempt of Parliament is also contempt for the people. Parliament is supposed to represent, and in whose collective interests it is supposed to govern.

We now have another opportunity to choose a government of Canada.

We will indeed be fools if we continue to support this autocratic regime, or absent ourselves from the polls through laziness, cynicism or apathy.

The alternatives may not be perfect, but they deserve to be heard, and given a chance to offer us something better.

Peter Davison