Perfect timing

Resident questions the government's actions before and during the election

Timing is very important in many areas of every day life. An election campaign is not exempt from this maxim.

The government recently announced that it has found $1.9 billion. Good timing. Some citizens will admire, be grateful and support this windfall. Others will see it for what it is, a cynical, choreographed ploy using money saved by cutbacks in science, environment, veterans’ services and aid to indigenous communities.

Recently, the Duffy trial was halted until after the election. This saves our current prime minister from testifying, if he ever would have to. Good timing again. With the trial stopped, some people will forget that there was a trial. Forgotten will be Brazeau, Wallin, the $90,000 cheque and the broken promise of Senate reform.

In the last few weeks, Mohamed Fahmey, the Canadian journalist jailed in Egypt for nearly two years, was released. Good timing just before an election. It looks like Canada fought for his release, which Canada did not do.

It is an insult when authorities regard us as gullible and stupid and this is what is happening. It’s best to think and question.

Paddy O’Leary