Perspective needed

I have been watching the news as the Egyptian revolution progressed, and was overjoyed at its success.

What a great and civilized people they are. Five thousand years of dictatorship overthrown in two weeks by millions of fearless people demonstrating in the city square.

It was triggered by the fact that 30 million people in that country (the entire population of Canada) are literally starving, being forced to live on $2 a day.

What a contrast with Canada. Here, people are demonstrating in our city over the culling of dogs and the plight of orphaned rabbits. The Bambi and bunny huggers want us to spend $1,000 a month catching, feeding and fixing multiplying rabbits.

Maybe they should get a reality trip and be more concerned with our own hungry and homeless people.

I have a good recipe for hasenpfeffer (rabbit stew). We could help feed ourselves and solve a problem. We could also help our indigenous wildlife.

There are lots of hungry wolves, coyotes, eagles and cougars out here on the Westside. Let’s get a true sense of perspective and feed them too.

Dave Robertson