Pesticide use

The B.C. special committee on cosmetic pesticide use should be commended for examining the issue of urban pesticide use so thoroughly.

Re: B.C. committee rejects pesticide ban, Morning Star Daily, May 18.

The B.C. special committee on cosmetic pesticide use should be commended for examining the issue of urban pesticide use so thoroughly.

The committee received 8,675 submissions and held 22 meetings where presentations were made by dozens of witnesses, including experts from Health Canada, environmental groups, industry organizations, scientific organizations and academics. In the end, the committee made 17 recommendations but came to the conclusion that scientific evidence does not warrant preventing British Columbians from buying and using approved pesticides so pesticides should not be banned in B.C.

The committee did its due diligence on this topic and discovered that pesticides in Canada are regulated by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency which employs over 350 scientists who are experts in their field.

The review process involves a comprehensive set of 200 tests and a review of all scientifically credible studies that exist to ensure the product will not cause harm to people, animals or the environment.

If the report from the committee had been different and they had instead recommended a ban, the groups that are unhappy with the actual outcome would be commending the government on a thorough process that looked at all available science before making the decision they did. It’s ironic that these same groups only like the “growing and suggestive body of evidence” when it yields the answer they want. Fortunately for Canadians, science doesn’t work that way.

The B.C. special committee on cosmetic pesticide use did look at all available science and made the right decision to continue to ensure British Columbians have access to useful tools to protect private and public properties from pests.

Lorne Hepworth,

CropLife Canada





something fishy

The problem of fish viruses has not gone away and it will continue as long as government breaks its own laws and legislation by allowing big business to lobby ministers with the promise of dollars and jobs to introduce non-native species of fish into our waters.

In the end, it will cost us the taxpayers millions of dollars for cleaning up the disasters that we are yet to experience.

Don’t believe us poor uninformed taxpayers? Open  your eyes and don’t rely on your hired help.

Just take 30 minutes out of your life and look at  the abundant evidence that is posted on many websites about Norway, Peru, Scotland and their experience with fish farms.

These are the same companies that are operating here in B.C. waters. There is one site that has been around for years and yet you have done nothing but pass the buck.

As our elected representatives you should be on this travesty constantly.

Why is it that it only took


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