Pet patrol

Pet owners must keep their animals protected and safe from traffic

Rose Carson it appears you seem a little misguided in placing blame.

You want to blame a driver for hitting a loose animal on the road in the early hours without even knowing if the driver saw the animal or not.

You suggest that the driver should come forward and make a donation to the vet to cover some costs from this unfortunate accident.

Then you go on to apologize to the pet owner for the animal not surviving. Should not the pet owner who allowed a puppy to run free on a main road be the one you cast your blame upon?

As a pet owner of three large dogs I believe it is my duty to keep them protected and safe from traffic and other dangers if possible.

To lay blame on someone heading to work (possibly in the dark) for animals roaming the streets is totally wrong. I don’t believe a driver should drive off leaving an animal but I do understand some reasons.

The driver may have been worried about getting bitten or may not have noticed, etc.

Come on people, start taking care of your pets or find a friend who will.


Keith Williment, Armstrong