Pet peeves

Resident concerned about some of the activities she sees in the community

I thought I would pen a few of my pet peeves to share with you.

People that smoke right outside of their business even though they are not supposed to smoke 10 feet from a business door.

People that  spit all over the street. Do you do this on your own home floor?

People that just throw out or put out their cigarettes all over the street. Do you do this in your home? Just throw it on your kitchen floor and stamp it out?

People that continually go through amber and red lights and some police that do nothing about it even though they are directly behind them.

This is where accidents happen at intersections because people are continually speeding up to go through.

I watch it happen five or six times a day. It is people of all ages, young and old. It has become the norm.

L.V. Kerr