Pet sales

Resident relates experience after purchasing a kitten

Regarding the recent letters to the editor and the article posted in The Morning Star about pet sales in pet stores (Reluctance arises over banning pet sales), I am writing as a past pet customer in our area.

About eight years ago, I purchased a lovely male Manx kitten from a pet store. This was unusual as my usual choice of pet would have been from the humane society or the SPCA.

After losing my beloved pomeranian to old age a year previously, I felt compelled to purchase a kitten from a pet store.

I usually became the guardian of rescue animals, both dogs and cats, and this time I wished to bond early with a young kitten that hopefully had not been traumatized or abused.

I was reassured by the store owner that this kitten had vaccinations up to date, deworming and a veterinarian check-up to assure me a good bill of health.

I took this little guy home and we bonded.

He appeared very healthy until some time later, I found that he was having difficulty with his toiletry. As frustrating years went by, and taking him from veterinarian to veterinarian, I did not succeed in a diagnosis for him. He was full blown incontinent by now and I had to adjust his living arrangements and compensate for this defect.

I just couldn’t euthanize him because the little guy was one of the family and other than his having incontinence, was healthy and intelligent and loving. I just wouldn’t give up seeking some answers for his dilemma.

Care includes washing all of his bedding every day, sometimes twice a day and his little bottom as well.

I have to make sure he has time for play and exercise as well as interaction with the rest of the family, as well as a special diet.

Last year, he developed a problem. I took him to another veterinarian.

The prognosis? No sacrum. His incontinence was not his fault. It was due to improper breeding which caused this cat to have a major birth defect.

Nevertheless, he is still alive and living a life with me and another rescue cat and has adapted to his circumstances, as we have to his.

My message to others is to not allow pet sales to happen from pet stores.

Too often, the pet store owners don’t have the time or expertise to monitor the pets they receive by having to run the store.

Please let us support the SPCA and humane societies because they offer services for the best care and homes for all animals that come into their care without being distracted by other retail sales the pet store owners have.


Shaldena El Morya