Pickleball needs a home

In response to the to the group of people offended by pickleball courts being built at Marshall Field.

It is my understanding that Marshall Field is a multi-use sports facility, so why on earth would anyone live near a sports field if they are opposed to noise?

It seems pickleball constantly gets a bad wrap in the minds of people in Vernon.

Can we not embrace the fact that this sport is getting so many people out and active, not to mention immensely enjoying themselves.

We, as a club, have fought long and hard to be able to get these courts, with the majority of the work being executed by hard working people in our club.

If a person were to take a look at neighbouring cities, you would discover pickleball courts in city parks, sports fields, and even in neighbourhoods.

I myself am very impressed and appreciative that our community has the foresight to join the fastest growing sport in North America. So a big thank you to the people responsible in making this a reality.

Trudy Walker