Pipeline could impact environment

Resident concerned pipeline would negatively impact the environment

It seems that David Black, owner of The Morning Star, and Premier Christy Clark have missed the point when it comes to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

They both seem to think that as long as there is enough money involved, the people who are wary of the pipeline will be silenced.

This pipeline is not about dollars and cents. It is about potential environmental damage that could be caused by a break in the pipeline between Alberta and Kitimat. If a refinery is to be built, build it in Alberta or maybe Dawson Creek. Then ship the refined oil via current pipelines.

We have seen the damage caused in the pipeline in Kalamazoo Michigan.

The crude oil that is proposed to be sent across B.C. has to be mixed with natural gas so it will flow.

If there is a break in the line, the natural gas will go into the atmosphere but the heavy crude will go on to the land or into the waterways. How soon the break is detected will determine the amount of damage to the environment.

Our province does not need this potential damage at any price.

Let them send this crude back east to the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence. Then listen to the hue and cry from the people.

Ken Jack