Pipeline debate

Resident raises concerns about Northern Gateway pipeline

Dean Moore’s letter is trying to convince me that B.C. residents’ continued employment will be maintained by the oil flowing in the proposed Northgate Pipeline.

How oil ending up in China will promote substantial employment here is a puzzle to me. If anything, it will help to do the exact opposite.

Does he ever read the labels on the goods he buys, like Made in China?

Why not market our oil in  Eastern Canada, where they import oil from Venezuela, and add value to our own energy sources  by promoting the manufacture  of  goods in our country?

By the way, the grey-haired,  empty-nesters he  mentioned  in his letter most probably know for example that the Enbridge Kalamazoo River oil spill in Michigan cost $767 million to clean up, with the clean-up still going on.

They also know that oil spill responsibility ends when the tankers leave port.

They also know that we live in an earthquake-prone zone.

Casey Berlanda