Pipeline project raises concerns

Letter writer says Canadian needs not addressed by oil pipeline

I don’t believe Stephen Harper cares about what is good for Canada, but I do believe he cares about what is good for Enbridge, the Chinese government and other largely foreign owned oil companies that would stand to reap big profits from the export of raw bitumen and heavy oil.

If he really cared about Canada, he would acknowledge that we import 50 per cent of our oil. And if he really cared about jobs in Canada, he’d advocate upgrading the bitumen and heavy oil in Alberta and Saskatchewan to supply the needs of Eastern Canada first.

Once the bitumen and heavy oil is on the world market, selling at world prices, the economic benefits to the average Canadian will be wiped out at the gas pump and jobs will be lost due to “Dutch disease.”

Given that he has every intention of pushing through the Northern Gateway project in spite of legtimate environmental concerns in this province, let us hope that it can be stalled in the courts until after the next election so we can put the run on every Conservative MP in the province including our own Mr. Mayes.

Howard Brown