plan disappoints

Letter writer takes issue with treatment centre in the Harwood area of Vernon.

It came to my attention that the John Howard Society has purchased a multi-residential home in the Harwood neighbourhood. This home is to house men who are struggling with addiction and my understanding is that they are in the pre-treatment and post-treatment stages of recovery.

I would like to express my absolute disappointment and frustration that the John Howard Society, the City of Vernon nor any other community agency informed the Harwood residents that this home was targeted to support these men. Based on the criminal history of some of these men, they will pose a significant safety risk to our neighbourhood’s children and senior’s.

Within a two block radius of this residence there are three churches, one daycare facility, one senior’s residence, one elementary school and one high school.

This is also a neighborhood with many young, healthy families who feel safe enough to have their children walk to school, play at the playground or grab a slushy at the local convenience store without a parent. This plan has jeopardized the safety of our community and speaks loudly to the lack of transparency from the John Howard Society and the City of Vernon.


Ryan Henry,

Vernon, B.C.