Police presence

Motorcyclist assures regional district director Rene Talbot there was lots of police presence at Sturgis North and the Summer Stomp

It was with some awe and disbelief that I read in The Morning Star that Mr. Talbot believes that there was no police in evidence recently during The Summer Stomp and Sturgis North.

I’m not quite sure where he was, but I was stopped four times in four days at road stops in the Silver Creek area.

One of these times was during a charity poker run. Over 100 bikes were pulled off Highway 97A, license check etc. The C.O. from Vernon was walking the perimeter of the Stomp grounds on Thursday, officers were walking around with video cameras looking for something?

All this police presence and there were no issues, no fights, no arguments, just a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts having fun and trying to raise a little money for local charities. Respect is a two-way street, give it to get it back in return.

Dave Ellington