Politicians doing their job

I would like to voice my opinion regarding the proposed remand centre in Lumby.

I would like to voice my opinion regarding the proposed remand centre in Lumby.

I have heard and read many comments about the remand centre, both positive and negative. All these comments are pure conjecture. No one knows for sure one way or another of what the implications of a remand centre will be.

My councillor, Janet Green, contacted my wife and I on two separate occasions to get our opinion on the proposed remand centre. As far as I am concerned, she has contacted her constituents and is acting on their behalf (as is the democratic way of doing things).

I have heard grumblings from many people who live in the surrounding areas that they should have a say in this decision. The citizens of Lumby, who pay the taxes directly to Lumby, are responsible for any capital costs incurred by this decision and therefore, it’s up to the people of Lumby to decide.

I come from the Drumheller Valley in Alberta which has a medium-security prison. We had all the same arguments then as I hear today. The prison there was built, and as a result (for example) the little hamlet of Nacmine (three miles west of Drumheller) received water, sewer and gas service which resulted in a building boom in Nacmine, as well as the rest of the valley. The museum was built 18 years later. Drumheller is not known as a prison town but as a tourist attraction.

There have been some escape attempts but the individuals did not stick around in the valley, instead they headed for Calgary or Edmonton, where they were eventually picked up. However, remember these escapes were from a longer-term incarceration facility.

No one can deny that Lumby is in a downturn (due to the shutting down of the glass factory and many sawmills) and any positive growth would be a blessing. Lumby is such a beautiful little town which has the potential to be great. We must let our elected officials (who were elected to represent us) do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Malcolm Farago