Pool needed

Active community deserves a second place to splash around

I agree with letter write Lucie Laidley, Vernon needs another public pool because the current one does not properly serve the community. I have found that many times I could not use the current pool because of the many events that were scheduled.

I use the pool for exercise. Prior to 2008, I used to be able to jog for my aerobic exercise, but since my accident, I am restricted to non-impact aerobic exercise and swimming is one of my limited options. To my dismay, most of the length (lane) swimming times are full of lap swimmers such as myself and I cannot use it.

The city has limited access for lane swimmers. Compared to the rest of the scheduled uses of the pool, I have little opportunity to swim and exercise because the other scheduled uses do not include enough marked lanes.

Vernon does need a second pool that is bigger. The design could be a divided area. One area is a pool for fun and games, where children and families can enjoy water space for their leisure, similar to a wave pool. This area would include a hot tub area. Another part of the design, totally separate and designated purely for swimmers are lanes that are always open for lap swimming.

This offers people such as myself the opportunity to exercise at any time of the day instead of being crammed into a short periods during the week. This serves both people only interested in general leisure and those who swim to exercise. The old pool can remain for the swim club and their training, plus other functions, as swim classes, exercise classes, etc., the city can schedule for specific uses.

The interest in exercise has increased dramatically over these past years and Vernon has not kept pace with it. Vernon does need another pool to serve the needs of a growing, health-conscious society.


Mark Warbinek, Vernon