Poor choice

Letter writer takes issue with exotic animals at the IPE for the first time.

Every year I look forward to the fair, I love the horses and all the booths , the music, the food and the sense of excitement.

However, as I read the front page story about the IPE, I was thoroughly disappointed in the choice that Mr. Burns made in bringing in camels and lions and other exotics. They do not belong at an agricultural show which is what the IPE promotes. They do not belong at any show. Many other communities in the past have banned exotics for obvious reasons. A lion and a camel are not for public display at a sideshow. They deserve more. Not to mention that it could have dire consequences should said lion escape. I like to think that society is going forward not backward when it comes to common sense and the treatment of animals. Having a lion at an agricultural fair or any fair  shows very poor judgment in my opinion.


Carole Wheeler,

Vernon, B.C.