Postal woes

Canada Post decisions detract from postal confidence and increase interest in other areas such as electronic mail

In past years, a letter delivered between Kelowna and Vernon took a maximum two days, one day on average. Now it can take up to five days. A little more if you mail to Vancouver. This is because Canada Post management believed that centralizing mail sorting to Richmond was a smart thing.

This only detracts from postal confidence and increases interest in other areas as electronic mail, something that hit Canada Post hard this last decade.

Now Canada Post wants to remove door to door delivery and set up super mail boxes. It’s a money-saving move, to reduce employees and hence less wages and benefits. Canada Postal union is fighting Canada Post against this super mailbox move.

Yes, it is quite true that these mail boxes are not secure and easily broken into.

Yes it cost money to have them redesigned and replace the old versions, but that is far more worth the dollar spent on it than spending money on mail boxes that will smack Canada Post with huge problems and costs afterward if they don’t get better mail boxes.

Already, mostly back east, mayors, along with the postal union, have taken Canada Post to court to stop this change.

Will Canada Post listen? No, their management style is quite old and arrogant. They are not progressive, neither will they listen to just a few complaints, after all they are fighting municipalities in court to push their agenda. What will make them listen and take action?

Even though eastern communities are up in arms about it, there should be much much more going against Canada Post.

Thus, do mass complaints, get a group together and canvas signatures. I would welcome that door knock. Get a news report done about it as that will move to shake their seats. Set up a small group and advertise, make it a campaign.

All these ideas and more will pressure Canada Post to notice better and place them into a position that they will have to take the right action.

Do we not owe this to our handicapped and elderly, especially in bad weather as rain, snow, ice and storms?

Also, for those who have business accounts with them, who will also suffer the super mailbox problem, encourage them through your business account for them to change.

If you want Canada Post to fix the super mail box problem, wake them up. They have been too comfortable and asleep for too long.

Mark Warbinek, Vernon