Power to the people

HST uprising applauded

It is with both regret and excitement that I find myself writing my very first letter to the editor. I am only a simple and relatively new B.C. resident but I have awoken to the power of the people right in democracy.  If nothing else, this HST fiasco has possibly awoken a sleeping giant. The passive, accepting, laid-back people of B.C. may now be up to challenging the powers that be and taking a stand for themselves, their families, their environment, their jobs, their wallets and their communities.

Since our move to this beautiful province, we have been exposed to an array of taxes that only a vivid mind would be able to imagine possible. But like the rest of the B.C. population, we have quietly accepted these as a way of life here.

Now, however, thanks to the ruling party and others, we actually have heard the people voice themselves, bring on change and challenge the Ruling government.  I say, “good work citizens.” Democracy is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

My own thoughts on the HST:

The ruling party uses the term average family a lot in its talks and propaganda. Do you know the definition of average family?  I don’t.  Let’s ask them for it.

If most families are like ours, a mortgage is part of establishing ownership of housing. If you will allow me, HST applies to new housing and, therefore, should you by a new home in the $350,000 (low-end) range, your HST would be another $42,000. Mortgage that $42,000 plus the property transfer tax of $5,000 and that equals $47,000 in taxes to your new housing and mortgage.

I don’t see these numbers in any ruling party propaganda. The HST propaganda says the people of B.C. have been paying a sales tax for more than 60 years. I ask you, “Does that make it right?” or could it mean that each elected government has been too complacent to find a better and maybe more fair way of taxing our pockets?

The HST has hurt the environment by not being able to promote the tax discounts once available to vehicles that provide great fuel mileage, alternative fuels etc.

I bet that if I bought a new car in Alberta and brought it here to register, there would be a way to separate the difference between the HST and GST. But that is not possible for the betterment of the environment only for the ruling party’s pockets.

I smell something fishy again. Could it be laziness or greed on the part of the ruling party?

What is the taxpayers’ cost to the HST campaign put forward by the ruling party? How about if that expense comes out of the Liberal campaign budget rather than  taxpayers’ money. This blunder and expense was created by them and not the people of B.C.

Enough for now. I just really want to thank you all for voicing yourselves, taking a stand and making yourselves heard. You have proven that democracy is alive, and somewhat well, in our province.

Let’s make our elected officials listen and work for us. That is their job after all. Stay strong in your democratic rights, democratic beliefs and be heard. Let them know that their many taxes can and do cost you exuberant amounts out of your pocket and you have nothing left to stimulate the economy.


Craig Gaylard, Vernon