Prime minister defended

Resident upset with criticism of Stephen Harper and his government

Re: Save the CBC – Smoke and mirrors. Enough is enough.

To begin, I do not belong to any political party. I am appalled to hear the constant running down of Mr. Harper and his government down.

To say Mr. Harper viciously cut the CBC of our distinctive Canadian culture is nothing in comparison to what Mr. Trudeau’s former government did when they cut health care payments to the province and reduced our military drastically (which Mr. Harper built up in the meantime). This I call vicious.

Canada is never at the bottom of any list. If you think Mr. Harper’s base is strong with the U.S. right-wing party, then check out Mr. Trudeau’s advisers (remember Mr. Ignatieff).

Please define right-wing to me. Is it people and leaders who are for tougher laws for criminals, against abortions, retracting passports from people who want to do us harm and smoking marijuana, etc.? What next, cocaine? Then I am glad we have such a government.

I watch CBC News every day and on Sept. 15, Peter Mansbridge’s news guests, Amanda Lang, senior financial advisor to the CBC, and three other persons discussing Canada’s standing in the world, to the conclusion that Canada is the champ. That is good enough for me.

If Mr. Harper has destroyed institutions, systems, etc., he must have had a good reason and I don’t think this has been done lightly. We have already too many who are depending on funding instead of standing on their own. We have also lots of waste. I am also sure Mr. Harper has no hidden agenda. He is too busy running around our country. His achievements are always swept under the rug. His latest and biggest – the trade deal with the European Union. What an achievement for the whole country.

I am not worried about global warming but I am sure worried about ISIS and I am not alone. I am also glad that Mr. Harper had the foresight not to participate in Kyoto. Nothing came of it because not everybody joined in.

Yes Mr. Trudeau heard the people speak — the ones who have no regard of our lads by openly smoking weed on our streets. It is scary to watch the rallies.

Mr. Harper is a strong leader who we should be proud of. He is a statesman. Don’t replace him with so-called leaders with no experience, little knowledge about our country and our world. We live in a very turmoiled world and we need strong leaders with strong backbones and morals.


Sylvia Posch