Principal’s call defended

Resident upset with comments from Coldstream's chief administrative officer

This letter is in response to the article Lavington safety concerns eased, and mainly to the response of chief administrative officer Trevor Seibel.

Mr. Seibel’s comments were: “They chose to evacuate the school when they didn’t need to. It created some unnecessary angst.”

Mr. Seibel, do you have children who attend Lavington school? No, you don’t. Do you live in Lavington? No you don’t.

I’m sure if you did your attitude towards the pellet plant and our principal evacuating the students would be a whole lot different.

She took into consideration the well-being, safety and emotional distraught from our children and took them out of a potentially dangerous situation. All of the correct steps were taken by our principal and parents were notified where their children were being taken. I find it quite offensive that you would even make such a comment.

Do you know that gas line is the main line that feeds Lumby, as well as the old glass plant location?

So the amount of gas coming out was incredible. When you walked into the school, the gas smell was so strong, teachers and students were developing headaches and nausea.

I am thankful that my kids have a principal who puts their well-being first, as their local council and district representatives don’t seem to.

I truly believe Mr. Seibel owes the students, staff, principal and parents an apology.

Kym Lorentz