Prison needed in Lumby

There seems to be great confusion regarding results of the referendum for the Village of Lumby relating to the potential correctional centre.

There are individuals among us that continue to skew the facts and percentages in an attempt to undermine the face of democracy. However, democracy has spoken. Seventy per cent of Lumby residents eligible to vote participated and the vote results were 56 per cent in favour.  Are we as a society ready to give up democracy and fall to tyranny and bullying? This is what we see in our community.

The same individuals that skew the numbers continue to attack our honourable member of the Legislature, Eric Foster, suggesting that he has lied to the constituents. Mr. Foster has not lied. He just understands and values the institution of democracy. Most of the no side lives out of town. They do not pay taxes to the town.

When I lived in Whitevale I had no say or vote in Lumby.  It always upset me because I thought I was part of the community of Lumby. Now, after living here in town and paying $800 per year in taxes plus sewer, water and garbage that we didn’t pay for in Whitevale, I am starting to understand why I could not vote in Lumby. We pay for all of these services in town and the people in Area D get to use our town services for free.

This does not bother me, this is the price we pay for living in this beautiful town in the middle of these beautiful mountains. However, people in Area D should not be able to vote on our business dealings inside the town limits of Lumby. Most people don’t realize how much money it costs to run and operate a town of this size.

A few  years ago, we had three sawmills here with very big payrolls, and lots of small businesses to support these mills. Then one day, they all moved and Lumby hurt financially. This is the first time since the big logging days that Lumby can make a financial comeback. We need this prison. It will be an economic boost for our town and surrounding area. It is also an environmentally clean business and an excellent, high-paying employer with good benefits and long-term employment.

It may also keep some of our young people in town. As it is now, most of our young people have to go to Alberta to make a respectable wage.

This is a win-win business for Lumby. Lots of good clean money. Eric Foster and our town mayor and council worked hard for the people of Lumby to get this good sound business venture, let’s go forward, back them up and cheer them on.


John (Jack) Laverty, Lumby