Prison vote

This is in response to the vote on the prison in Lumby. There is always a consequence to a vote that people will realize in time.

I can actually see the high school in Lumby closing due to a lack of funds. People have a lack of understanding that the Okanagan is a vast migration area for retirees.

Vernon has one of the highest percentage rate of people over 65 in Canada. People over 65 do not pay school taxes and with the added burden of these folks migrating from other parts of Canada, means an increased drain on our medical system, which is evident at the present.

The baby boomers start retiring this year. So you can bet your bottom dollar, that the high school in Lumby will be closed due to a lack of funds.

The Concerned Citizens may have got their way with the prison but will not succeed with the high school the next time around.


Anne DeMarce, Lumby