Problem people

Resident says more needs to be done to protect wildlife

Problem bear, no. Problem people, yes.

Cinnamon; yes I’ve given him a name as he deserves that respect; was killed recently because people leave their garbage out. Cinnamon was innocent in his behaviour. He was doing what any animal would do and that is looking for food.

The residents are the guilty ones; not Cinnamon. I want to see a movement started that will make people be held accountable for their ignorance.

They should definitely be fined heavily for their misconduct. Garbage needs to be locked up and contained in a safe place so innocent bears like Cinnamon don’t get killed. He was only two years old.

If there is anyone who is interested in helping me on this issue please contact me. Together, we might be able to make a change. These bears and other wildlife really need our help.


Linda Maclean