Project lacks common sense

In my opinion, the City of Vernon engineering and planning Departments are totally out of touch with reality.

For those of you who have not yet seen the changes being made to 20th Street from 43rd Ave. to 46th Ave. and soon to go to 48th Ave., I advise you to check it out. Picture yourself as you drive along it, as one of the residents on 20th St. Notice the expensive ornamental street lights.

As a bonus check out all the existing utility poles. Lots of poles and light standards now. How about the extensive boulevard and landscaping complete with underground watering system. I thought water rates were going up. Good thing they have added all this landscaping.

Check out all the on-street parking. Oh, my mistake. There is no parking. They took it all away. Oh well, hopefully if you are a resident of 20th St., you don’t have friends or family that might like to visit you, because they won’t find a parking spot on this street.

I don’t recall there having been an issue with what was existing. Were the residents saying “we need to make this road appear as narrow as possible, make it look like a forest with utility poles and streetlights, and please take away all the on-street parking?”

Somehow I don’t believe so. Hopefully these residents don’t have kids that might grow up and want a car, as they will have to move if they do.

Where are our civic politicians when the taxpayer is getting the shaft?

Don’t the city planners and engineers ultimately work for the politicians?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this project.


  • two bicycle lanes for the few who use them.
  • fancy expensive street lights to complement all the utility poles, extensive boulevard landscaping.
  • Cons:
  • two bicycle lanes for the few who use them
  • additional costs for the maintenance of the landscaping. Previously the residents took care of their boulevard.
  • Underground irrigation system that has to be maintained, and the costs of watering when rates are going up for everyone.
  • Narrow roadway creating issues at every driveway and intersection. Try staying in your own lane when you turn onto this street
  • Wait till it snows and needs to be plowed. It will get a lot narrower.
  • loss of all on-street parking. At least the BMXers will have bike paths to get to the park. Their parents won’t have a place to park and watch though.

If I am not mistaken, have we not heard complaints about similar design issues on 29th Street in front of the old Baker’s Dozen?

The city’s rationale is that 20th Street is deemed a “Collector Road.” This is a road that takes the brunt of the traffic in a neighborhood. By removing parking they feel they can move traffic easier.

Are you aware that some of the other roads designated as Collector Roads include Foothills Drive, Allenby Way, 18th Street from Pottery Rd to 32nd Ave, 25th Ave. through the East Hill, Cascade Drive, and Mt. Ida?

Maybe it is time we all let the city know how we feel about their lack of compassion and high-handed ways.

Good luck to you if you live on one of these roads.

Don Cowan