Proud Enderby residents

Resident recounts a positive experience that happened to her family

We are new residents of Enderby.  Our son recently moved his family of five to Canoe for a better life and so we can spend time together.

On July 5, my son and his father finally got a chance to go fishing. Right after unloading their truck, my son discovered that he had lost his wallet in town.

Because they were out of range for cell service, they quickly packed everything back up and returned to Enderby.  Unfortunately, my son was not able to locate his wallet so they returned home.  This was really devastating for my son, as he has been through really, terribly tough times in the last two years.

He is completely broke and, in addition to having to replace all of his identification (which he really couldn’t afford to do), he was also told by ICBC that he couldn’t get a replacement driver’s license until he paid all his charges from using the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges on the coast before he moved.

He is unemployed and was just about to start a retraining program as a driver, so he really needs his driver’s license.  It was just one thing after another.

In the course of phoning the necessary offices to cancel and replace his cards, he noticed he had a message on his phone.  The message was from the Vernon RCMP advising that his wallet had been turned in that same day.  You cannot imagine how relieved he was to get this news.

He went to Vernon to pick up his wallet and found inside, to his amazement, that all of his items were still there, as well as a $10 bill that had not been there before.

We figured that whoever found his wallet in Enderby was on their way to Vernon, so just dropped it off there since the Enderby RCMP was closed on Sunday.

This message is just to thank the person who turned in his wallet.

It’s the best thing that’s happened to my son in two years (besides the birth of his baby girl 10 months ago).

It just proves what a wonderful community we live in. I’m so glad we moved here.

Pauline Kubiny