Public debate

Resident provides some thoughts on the climate change issue

Before Canada implements any of the commitments made at the Paris conference, we need a public debate by scientists on both sides of the climate change issue sponsored by government.  The commitments made at the Paris conference on climate change will foist on the world a path to poverty and increasing mortality levels for much of the under-developed world.

I recently wrote a letter to the editor pointing out the need to know what we are getting into with the Paris conference. Further, I noted that there is much evidence to show that climate change is not caused by C02 emissions but rather by the sun. I pointed out the fact that, historically, increasing atmospheric C02 concentrations have followed increasing atmospheric temperature. This of itself provides grounds for questioning the theory of anthropogenic global warming.

A recent response to my letter makes some concerning statements. There are so many inaccuracies in this letter that I won’t deal with them all.

The writer thinks that because 97 per cent of the scientists think that we are due for catastrophic climate change that we should all accept that as a fact and shut up and pay up.  Well, at one time most people thought that the world was flat except for a few men with the courage to speak up and take a risk. A guy named Columbus led them and proved otherwise. Popularity of opinion doesn’t substantiate it.

One statement that stands out in this letter is that “…every day the global average temperatures continue to climb…” this is just not true.  Average global temperature has not changed significantly for the past 16 years.

By accusing Friends of Science of being deceitful because they received some funding from oil and gas companies is trivial. They acknowledge receipt of some funding from oil and gas companies, but so have the climate activists received funding from oil and gas companies. This is no indication of the veracity of the their statements.

We need some wise politicians with the courage to speak up and stop this madness as we impotently rush to save the planet.

The public needs to read widely and learn the truth, not just the position of those whose opinion supports their own.

True science requires the use of the scientific method and encourages debate and follow up research.

All sides of a public issue require exposure, no one should be silenced because of disagreement with a position of another.

Bob Reid