Public debt problem

Resident concerned about the NDP's handling of financial matters

The NDP is heavily funded and supported by public service unions. Over the last decades, the growth in salaries, benefits and pensions in the public sector has surpassed, by far, the same in the private sector for equivalent positions. According to several reports, it’s by 20 to  40 per cent.

It can be expected that a government indebted to the union movement can be pushed to further support union demands, always with the ultimate threat of a strike in the public sector.

Thus, the difference between public and private sectors will be further increased.

Clearly, such a situation is not sustainable for the economy of B.C.  I believe with wages and benefits at similar levels in the public and the private sector, there would be ample funds to finance most of the programs that have been cancelled the last several years.

The growth in our public debt must be curtailed or stopped.

Secondly, the voters of B.C. should not allow themselves to forget the arrogance and ignorance displayed by Adrian Dix and his then boss Glen Clark in the fast ferries scandal in the late 1990s. For political reasons, the two rejected any solid business arguments presented by the board of B.C. Ferries or any other business group as to why their ideas would not fly.

As New Democrats, they knew better than the business people who had life long experiences in the industry. It is not the first time New Democrats have displayed arrogance for taxpayers. Their efforts cost B.C. taxpayers around $500 million, and the ships were finally sold for under $20 million. Google for more details.

Perhaps Mr. Dix would like to enlighten the voters of this province at what time we may expect to have that amount paid off with interest.

What have we seen lately to encourage us to believe that their economic development capabilities have improved? Economic development must take place in order for this province to maintain its standard of living.

Our current government is encouraging development, which must be responsible and take into account risks of any kind.

The point is, though, that after doing its work, and accounting for the risks, a decision has to be made and lived with.

Sometimes the decision is for development, other times it is against. The NDP it seems, has come out against almost everything proposed. It is of course easy to be against anything.

You take no risks that way and you can never be wrong – although you may not have an economy left!

Finally, a word for our sitting MLA. Eric Foster has worked hard for his constituents.

In addition to the well known  projects, Vernon Jubilee Hospital, highways etc., he has worked for, there are the 2011 Masters World Cup ski event, the Upper Room Mission kitchen expansion, granting of seed money for a new art gallery, etc. Because of his devotion to his constituents, his hard work and his knowledge of the workings of Victoria, Eric Foster deserves our support.


Bjorn W. Meyer