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Residents reminded to treat seniors in care homes with respect

While waiting for a coffee, I overheard a very disturbing conversation.

A group of people were talking about people that live in a care facility. It was disgusting to listen to them make fun of residents and laugh at their disabilities.

One particular person went as far as to say, “That isn’t living, that is not a life.” So hurtful.

These are people, they deserve respect. They are someone’s loved one be it a grandparent, parent, family or friend.

This may not be your ideal outcome for a perfect life but this could be you one day, i.e. brain injury, stroke, substance abuse or just as simple as aging.

It’s sad to know there are people with such little or no compassion towards others. Shame on you.

Perhaps you should try volunteering at a care home and actually get to know how wonderful these people are before you decide to make fun of them.

Heather Ryckman, Care aid