Quebec rule

Quebec rule

LETTER: “I for one am getting very tired of 10 per cent of the population decreeing what ‘Canadians’ should be doing”

While I am not always a fan of Quebec political policy, their initiative to act proactively in addressing the growing issues of pubic safety and security gets much applause from myself and thousands of other Canadians. The federal government and a few provincial governments who don’t agree with the bill seem to get all the press on this issue. It’s time to stand up and be counted before another common sense law gets overturned by yet another special interest group blindly supported by ultra liberal political factions.

I for one am getting very tired of 10 per cent of the population decreeing what “Canadians” should be doing in order to be good Canadians. I don’t especially care that the new bill 62 recently passed into law by the Quebec government appears to be targeting females of the Muslim faith. It makes perfect sense that in order to ensure the safety and security of ALL Canadians and to enjoy the benefits of Canadian life one must simply show their face to be eligible. I am a good Canadian and don’t want ANYONE wandering around incognito. There is no good reasons and several bad ones for doing so.

As for specifically targeting the Muslin faith, the Muslin faith does not decree that the female face must be covered at all times in public. The practice of covering the face is most often associated with small extremist factions, exactly those whom most of us would not want to wander about in full disguise. If you or I put a ski mast on and went into a government office we’d be lucky to only be arrested.

How is it that so much controversy can be had over a small group of people that want to make Canada exactly the way their homeland was, when they are here, in many cases, because their homeland became unlivable. Write letters to the editor, your MLA, or wherever you can be heard so the vocal minority doesn’t rule yet again.

Drew Kendrick