Questions for council

Resident upset with decisions made by City of Vernon and regional district

Our mayor and council seem so proud of the fact that they have two departments working together on a job at once.

Should this not be the standard for all jobs even if they have to defer for a short time, saves costs and only one mess?

In the budget, it is stated that the bylaw enforcement was to go down by two staff.  Then why are advertising for two part-time, full-time staff in this paper?

Why do we need another $30,000 water system assessment just to tell us what we have already been told?

They say that some businesses may leave town if they have to pay too much for water.

Bob Fleming (regional district director) goes on to state that the agricultural rate should be low because it’s economic development. Shouldn’t every one get the same increase?

The mayor and council wish to have Vernon as a destination place for recreation people. First, we do not have enough companies renting out equipment.

Second we do not have the big RV sites by the lakes that people want for their big RVs.  The big hotels and restaurants are not located by the lake and holiday persons do not want to travel.

The mayor and council are too easily swayed by powerful groups and companies.  They lack long-range vision as to the effects of constant borrowing will have upon our taxes and debt load.

They do not dig far enough for facts, i.e. the new sports centre, was pushed through before it became public that a major change in age demographics (we were aging) and student enrolment was declining.

So why could they not wait?

This is my last letter to the paper as it seems that few citizens care what happens in your city.

Garry Haas