Questions for MP

Resident raises concerns about federal changes to elections act

In a recent Morning Star, Conservative MP Colin Mayes says he supports the 242-page Fair Elections Act. I have some questions for Mr. Mayes.

1. Don’t you think that changes to the way we vote in a democracy deserves a little more than four days of your consideration?

2. Is it true that parts of the act that are unconstitutional (i.e. elimination of vouching)?

3. Is it true that Canadians would not have been told about the in and out scandal or the robocalls scandal if this act were in place in 2006?

4. Why doesn’t the act give Elections Canada the ability to compel witnesses to testify? This has been the main reason that for three years they haven’t been able to get to the bottom of the robocalls scandal.

5. Will you support a call to consult with Canadians before your government pushes this act through?

6. Is it true that no one was consulted before this act was presented to parliament?

From what I have seen, the Fair Elections Act is an attempt to stack the deck in favour of Conservative wins in future elections.

So my final question is, if the game is rigged, why would any of us show up to vote on election day?


Barbara Cousins