Dear Christy Clark, please say no to Kinder Morgan.

Ask yourself, “Do we want to gamble with a potential spill in such a pristine, most beautiful spot in the world? The Gulf Islands of North America?”

Ask yourself, “When that happens…….

“How will it change tourism?

“What happens to sports fishing?

“What happens to wildlife? Whales, etc.

“Where do the Sunday pleasure boaters go?

“What will happen to the pleasure boat industry?

“What about scuba divers in the Gulf islands?

“What will we say to our children and grandchildren?

“And what excuse will you give the Americans when all of that crude washes up on their pristine Gulf island beaches?”

Ask yourself, “What do British Columbians owe Kinder Morgan?”

The answer is nothing.

Ask yourself, “Do we really need that money? Will any profits trickle down to the down-beaten taxpayer? How much will be given to the federal government to waste on Mr. Trudeau’s pet projects?”

While you are asking yourselves that, think about asking him why Quebec is still getting huge equalization payments from the west while absolutely refusing to have an oil pipeline go through its province? Especially when the Maritimes need oil so badly.

The answer is no amount of money will make this area pristine again.

And while you have your thinking cap on, think about this too.

Yes, maybe that oil spill will wait for a few years to happen, but in the meantime, what will the consequences be to all of that extra tanker traffic to all of the above?

Disaster either way. A no-win situation. Yes?

Maureen McClocklin