Rail clarification

Okanagan Rail Trail Initiative provides some information on the corridor plan

I write in response to Mr Haas’ letter printed in the Feb. 20 edition of The Morning Star.

A summary of the impact analysis of utilizing the abandoned railway as a community path can be found on the website www.okanaganrailtrail.ca under the about tab.

The full report, which contains the methodology of the research and the estimated trail use along with the economic and social benefits of preserving the transportation corridor, can be found under the about/resources tab.

The report indicates that preserving this property for public use today is an investment that will provide benefits for all future generations.

This report has been on the website since June 2014.

Regarding operations and maintenance of the corridor, this will be determined by the joint task force of the municipalities that will own the land.

The Okanagan Rail Trail Initiative has committed to raise funds for the construction of the trail and is willing to assist in the ongoing maintenance as well.

Brad Clements,

Okanagan Rail Trail Initiative