Rail trail

Contrary to some recent negativity directed to the Okanagan Rail Trail, I think the trail is completely on track.

I personally can not wait for the trail to open so my wife and myself can utilize this great trail.

We already use a portion of the trail for walks and we look forward to using the entire trail to ride to Kelowna. And for everyone’s information, we are not triathletes but normal citizens that just like to bike ride. We look forward to having another great riding opportunity just like the Legacy Trail between Canmore and Banff, which by the way, sees thousands of users.

I have contributed to the Okanagan Rail Trail like other charities I contribute to, and I will continue to support and contribute to the trail. I urge others not to be swayed by ridiculous negativity by the few, and support and contribute to this great venture right in our own backyard. We can make the Okanagan Rail Trail our own little Camino de Santiago.

Jeff Taylor