Rail trail a good idea

A recent letter from Jocelyn Robb voiced her opinion regarding the Okanagan Rail Trail.

While I cannot argue with her good points about having a commuter train, I do take issue with her calling the rail trail supporters “bored and privileged.”

I took up cycling at the age of 60 and I am thankful for patient drivers who give me a chance to get pedalling when the light changes. I anticipate using the rail tail for cycling and walking my dog, and for socializing. Who knows, maybe I can take up snowshoeing on the trail in winter. This trail will be a tremendous advantage to families and couples seeking low cost/no cost activity access, and it will be enjoyed by a wide variety, not just tourists.

To address your other negative comments, we must encourage responsible dog owners who pick up. We should occasionally bend over and pick up other people’s trash, and yes there could be drug dealer access, but that’s going on city-wide and shouldn’t stop the “socially-acceptable-insane” trail supporters for seeing the glass half full, not half empty Ms. Robb.

Lastly, tourism is a good thing and helps employ thousands throughout the Okanagan Valley.

Susan Neilly