Rail trail short-sighted

I read the letters in this paper and others because it reinforces my thoughts that there are good thinking, switched-on people out there with some realistic visions.

Jocelyn Robb has shown all of this in her letter about the rail trail being on the wrong track. I moved back here after 15 years of living in the Kootenays. I was in an area totally dependent on the tourist trade so I saw first hand how that kind of economy really works, or in many cases, doesn’t work.

Most of the thousands of jobs, which are spin-offs, of tourism are minimum wage or part-time.

Many of these people are simply in survival mode and simply don’t have the disposable income to buy anything more than the basics.

If the supposed millions coming in from the tourist trade are spread too thin, then no one really benefits.

A truly strong economy is only strong when most of the working age population is working for good wages. If there is one this country and province particularly needs, it is a more diversified economy.

That alone will provide more good opportunities and allow some of the fine young people we have to stay here and raise their families.

Preserving the railway as Jocelyn suggests would be a strong integral part of this plan.

Along with a commuter train, we can be sure there is now freight being transported on the highway, which could be on the train. Possibly the current rail trail plan is at least short-sighted.

Cam Clayton